Hand Powered: Traditional Land Based Skills

Wildlife friendly weeding and land clearance

Today people often reach for the imagined quick fix when it comes to problematic species, opting for chemical solutions or big machinery as a means to save time. The effect of chemicals and their impacts on the wider environment are now being increasingly apparent which dramatic losses to invertebrates across Europe and world since the 1970s. Soil erosion and compaction from using machinery has been shown to result in lower soil organic matter and this has repercussions for humans and wildlife alike.

We offer environmentally sensitive weed control and land clearance without the use of chemicals or large machinery, working to an ethos that works with nature and over a timescale that allows species and habitats to adapt to the new management. This approach might not 'solve' the weed issues in an afternoon but it will leave areas in a much healthier and stronger position over future years for those looking for sustainable solutions.

Contact us for help with:

  • Bracken
  • Soft rush
  • Brambles
  • Blackthorn
  • Ivy
  • Ragwort etc.

Using scythes, spades, mattocks and saws, your weed problem can be tackled effectively.


Contract weed control: £180 per day or £16 an hour per person

Weed control tuition: £120 per day (1-2 people), £60 per person (3-10 people)


Tel: 07834240559

Members of the Scythe Association of Britain & Ireland http://scytheassociation.org/ and the National Hedgelaying Society https://www.hedgelaying.org.uk/

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