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Hedge laying

Hedge laying is the process of partly cutting through woody material and laying it over to form an interlocked living structure that is not only stock proof but also immensely beautiful and valuable for wildlife when finished. These living barriers get stronger as they regenerate and grow, providing an amazing array of niches for wildlife, shelter and browse for livestock and a true sense of positive land husbandry.

We are happy to lay a variety of hedge styles to suit the customer and region. Please contact for more details.


Contract hedge laying: £180 -£240 per day or £15- £40 per metre depending on type and condition of hedge, (stakes £1.20 and binders £1.30 priced separately)

Hedge laying Tuition: £160.00 per day (1-2 people), £70.00 per day per person (3-10 people)


Tel: 07834240559

Members of the Scythe Association of Britain & Ireland http://scytheassociation.org/ and the National Hedgelaying Society https://www.hedgelaying.org.uk/

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