Hand Powered: Traditional Land Based Skills

Coppicing and greenwood products

The need to manage our woodlands sustainably has never been more important. With their role to help mitigate the impacts of climate change and as we look to make our landscapes more resilient it is critical that we interact with our woodlands in a positive way The excitement and pleasure that comes with the near-endless possibilities that can be produced from coppice materials is fascinating and rewarding. We help both private landowners and organisation to start actively managing their woodlands to produce locally sourced products and improve them for biodiversity. We have many years' experience managing coppice woodlands and are keen to provide advice as well as practical assistance on bringing woodlands of any size back into rotation.

We also offer a range of hand-made coppice products for the garden and land worker.

  • Hay rakes and replacement teeth
  • Pitch forks
  • Cleft and woven hurdles
  • Tool handles
  • Mallets
  • Cleft garden and field gates
  • Baskets
  • Pea & bean sticks
  • Structures and Sheds etc.

Many items are made to order so please contact me for further information and prices.

Tuition Pricing:

Contract coppicing and woodland management: £180.00 per day or £16 an hour per person, depending on the type of work required.

Coppicing Tuition (individuals or groups): £120.00 per day (1-2 people), £60.00 per day per person (3-10 people)

Basket weaving Tuition: £200.00 per day (1-2 people), £100.00 per day per person (3-10 people)

Other coppice product-making tuition: £140.00 per day (1-2 people), £70.00 per day per person (3-10 people)

Sheds and Structures: Priced per job, please contact me for details.


Tel: 07834240559

member of the Scythe Association of Britain & Ireland http://scytheassociation.org/ and the National Hedgelaying Society https://www.hedgelaying.org.uk/

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