About me

I have worked in practical conservation and land management since graduating from a degree in Countryside Conservation at Aberystwyth University in 2010. Over the years I have pursued my passion for the use of traditional hand tools in managing our landscapes for the future, seeing their value in connecting people to the areas in which they live, work and ultimately providing a viable alternative to the mechanised practices that have come to dominate our countryside. Over this time I have developed a broad skill set with various tool use and their maintenance.

I have a particular fascination with the scythe as a land management tool and the connection it provides the mower to the land. Following my first scything course in the Churnet valley in Staffordshire, on a sun-baked day in July with swallows sweeping in front of the mowers, I was instantly hooked! As soon as I started to feel the tool moving as it should, gliding through the grass in a rhythmic swing, I could instantly see the potential for this tool in sustainable land management and the positive impact it could make on the landscapes of today. Ever since that day, which was taught by Jez (the scythe) Hastings, I have dedicated myself to becoming a competent scythesman and scything instructor, working closely with Jez, and committing myself to learning just how powerful a tool the scythe is to reconnect people with the land.

I am also a qualified level 2 drystone waller and have worked from 2018 to 2022 on a Heritage lottery project coordinating teams of volunteer wallers in the South Pennines, Sheffield region.

I am based in Mid wales and South Yorkshire but I am happy to work anywhere across the UK so please contact me to discuss options.


Tel: 07834240559

Email: hand.powered@yahoo.com

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